Chocolate Kisses

Kerri Manning returns home with only one semester of college left. She's in pain and trying to figure out what to do with a diagnosis that will change her future. It's hard to dream of happiness, but the new guy in town manages to make her laugh. Can she take a chance he'll stick around?

Eric Hunt is an up and coming sculptor who has grown tired of his fake friends in New York City. He finds himself in the small town of Eureka Springs looking for the passion he used to have for his art. Could Kerri be the inspiration he needs?

Landscape Love

Nathaniel Pierce ran away from home and the painful memories of his past. He's recreated himself in Eureka Springs. No longer a veterinarian, he's Nate the landscaper. When old Lilly Connor dies, the whole town turns to him to watch out for her granddaughter.

Lilly Ramirez never knew she was named after her grandmother. In fact, she didn't know she existed. She heads to Eureka Springs against her mother's wishes to learn about the hidden side of her family, and hopefully find direction for her life. The small town isn't anything like she expected, it's way better. The only downside is the sinfully hot man that feels the need to judge her for things that were out of her control. 

He wants to forget, and she wants to be enough. Can they work out their issues to find love?

Teacher's Crush

Jennifer Carlson returns to Eureka Springs in spite of her promise to never move back. Newly graduated, her only goal is to help her dad and get out of town. However, the good-looking biker has her second guessing what she really wants.  

High school principal, Robert Allen has never been so conflicted. He was attracted to Jen before she walked into his office for an interview. Her sass, attitude, and the pain she tries to hide behind those big blue eyes make her unforgettable. 

Jen needs a job, but she also longs for someone to see the real her and want her anyway. Rob could be that guy if only he can convince her she doesn't have to run away from her future.

A Christmas Prayer

Abandoned, then divorced, Lindsey leaves Idaho to find a new life for herself and her two year-old daughter. Unfortunately, a car accident leaves her stranded in the middle of Wyoming.

Jake's felt like something's missing for a while. He's finally turned to prayer for guidance. Almost immediately, he get's to rescue a beautiful woman and her adorable daughter.

Could love be the answer to both of their prayers?

Christmas Magic

Sophie Fletcher's life has always been hard, but she soldiers on with a smile because she knows the Lord has good things planned for her. At least that's what she's always been told. However, when she enters a contest close to Christmas, Santa might be the one to do heaven's work. He challenges Sophie to carve time out of her busy schedule to take a few ballroom dance classes to claim her prize.


Spencer Ward is old Nashville money, but that doesn't mean much when you're overworked and lonely. When his mother gives him a reason to take a refresher ballroom dance class he jumps at the opportunity. After all, dancing with grandmas would be better than sitting in the office all night. 


It may be love at first dance, but it's going to take a little Christmas magic to get Sophie and Spencer to accept their happily ever after.

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Copyright 2017, 2018, 2019

by Charity Bradford as River Ford


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